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Comparing Basketball Odds

Nothing beats the feeling of betting on a basketball match and winning. Odds Scanner compares the best basketball odds from legitimate bookmakers around the world, so you can make higher profits without spending more on your bets.

Basketball Odds

The Milwaukee Bucks’ title is in the past now. The 2021-22 NBA season is here and basketball betting odds are already trickling in.

If you’re a punter looking to achieve optimum value on every bet, then comparing basketball odds should be your priority. Odds represent how much money you will earn if you bet on an outcome. The amount is paid out relative to your stake.

That means, the higher the odds, the bigger your winnings.

What is the rationale behind basketball odds comparison? Must you compare odds in the first place? Why not just select odds that are most likely to win and place a wager?

The truth is, odds change all the time. They also vary between bookmakers, who determine odds based on factors like past matches, players’ conditions and court conditions.

When you compare basketball betting odds in real-time, you can figure out which bookie gives you the most competitive odds.

Odds Scanner allows you to check and compare basketball odds when betting on teams, championships and match events.

Find up-to-the-minute odds from popular basketball events today. From NCAAB odds to NBA odds, you’ll find every betting line at Odds Scanner.

Comparing Basketball Odds with Odds Scanner

The best basketball betting odds comparison tool is simple to use. At Odds Scanner, our tool saves you time while making sure you never miss out on great opportunities.

To get started at Odds Scanner, enter the name of your favourite basketball team, tournament or match to find every bet associated with your entry.

Add filters to your search at the top of the tool to narrow down the results. Aspects such as the time zone, the time span and favourite bookies can be useful in returning more accurate search results.

Next, click on the “find odds” button. You’ll see all the latest odds along with the bookies that offer them.


Odds Scanner delivers broad coverage of basketball championship games. Among the standouts are the NBA, EuroLeague, Spanish National League, Turkish League and Green League.

Depending on the day of the week, you will find multiple matches taking place. You can bet on as many games and markets as you wish.

The payout differentials between the highest and lowest odds across sportsbooks can vary from 15-30%. This is where Odds Scanner comes in.

Our state-of-the-art odds comparison engine combs through every major sportsbook’s odds to show you the best basketball odds. We highly recommend setting up accounts at various top basketball betting sites and exchanges. This helps you to quickly place bets with the bookie that has the best basketball odds today.

In addition to odds comparison for basketball, Odds Scanner lists 30+ top basketball betting houses. Those listed are legitimate operators who offer solid bonuses.

Our odds comparison tool optimises your basketball odds and ensures a fun and profitable betting experience.

Basketball Markets

Odds Scanner covers all of the popular basketball betting markets, including moneyline (head-to-head, match winner), point spread (betting lines, handicaps) and point totals (over/under).

The futures market is also gaining popularity and is open year-round. Basketball futures markets focus on the biggest achievements of the year. Here, you may choose to back teams to make a playoff berth or even predict the winner of awards such as the NBA Rookie of the Year.

Successfully betting basketball futures requires good timing. The earlier you hop onto the action, the higher the payout. But the longer you wait, the more info you can gather to make an informed bet. Odds Scanner helps you to find a sweet spot between the two.

Live Basketball Odds

The majority of popular bookies offer live streaming features and in-play betting during live basketball games.

Odds Scanner partners with trustworthy betting houses to secure an edge for punters. Our software scans their odds in real-time, so you can place your bets while the odds are hot.

Live basketball odds are updated every few seconds as games are being played. You can monitor live scores and results too.

Odds Scanner compares the best basketball odds offered at every moment while providing match statistics and visualisations on the go.

Join our growing community of passionate bettors and track the most profitable live baseball odds. Get access to the best prices for maximum winnings.

Basketball Betting

Odds Scanner compares basketball betting odds from all leading betting houses. We partner with Bet365, BetWarrior, VBET and many other operators.

These betting houses are licensed and regulated to run in the countries they operate in, which means it’s legal to place your bets there.

Bookmakers set their odds based on a variety of factors, so you will find gaps to take advantage of if compare odds between bookies.

Odds Scanner helps to take the guesswork out of your odds comparison, automating the process to make it easier. Our goal is to increase your winnings without increasing your wagering budget!

Bookmakers with the Best Basketball Odds

The primary reason for comparing basketball odds is to figure out which bookmaker has the highest odds on a particular event. Hence, comparing the best betting odds for basketball will be of little value if you don’t have accounts at multiple bookies.

Unibet is easily the best place to start your basketball betting. This betting site comes loaded with exciting betting bonuses on NBA and EuroLeague events.

William Hill is another brand worth checking out. While it doesn’t cover as many basketball leagues, it boasts fantastic odds on many NCAAB games.

You could also try out BetVictor for the latest sign-up offers. This bookmaker regularly creates basketball betting markets with boosted odds for punters.

Bet365 is another reputable operator for betting on basketball events. It’s an ideal pick for anyone seeking live streaming and in-play basketball betting.

Comparing Betting Odds for Today’s Basketball Games

Odds Scanner compiles and compares the best odds for today’s basketball games. Be sure to check this page regularly to find a comprehensive list of games and betting lines available daily.

There are several key metrics to help you make smarter decisions on basketball odds this week. On this page, you will find the bet % metric, money % metric and sharp money meter.

The bet % metric displays the up-to-date percentage of the total betting volume on either side of the basketball betting line. In other words, it tells you which side is favoured by the public.

The money % metric shows what percentage of the total money wagered falls on either side of the basketball betting line.

The sharp money meter draws inputs from the bet % and money % to show where the sharpest bettors are placing their money.

All of this info helps you to make more informed decisions when betting.

Frequently Asked Questions

To wrap up this guide, we’ve compiled some of the most common questions concerning basketball betting and odds comparison. Check them out below.

Why is comparing basketball odds so important?

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Comparing basketball odds helps you to identify bookmakers with the best odds. The higher the odds are, the more you can win with the same bet.

Why do the odds vary from one bookie to another?

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Sportsbooks don’t use the same estimation methods when predicting the probability of an outcome. That’s why different bookmakers offer different odds.

How much can I earn comparing the odds?

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It’s not uncommon for odds to vary by 20% or more between bookies. Even the smallest increase in odds can give you a huge bump in profits, especially in the long term.

What odds types are displayed on Odds Scanner?

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Odds Scanner supports all three popular odds formats: fractional, American and decimal odds. There is a dropdown menu that enables you to select your favourite format.

How often are odds updated on Odds Scanner?

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Odd Scanner’s odds comparison tool runs frequent checks depending on the number of events and respective odds available from each bookie. Pre-match odds are refreshed every 15 seconds while live odds are updated every 5 seconds.

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