Odds Scanner partners with to facilitate international payments for employees

12, September. 2022
3min read

With a growing presence in Brazil and in international markets, one of Odds Scanner’s primary focuses is helping in the development and well-being of its employees. Besides the competitive benefits it offers, such as gym and training and capacitation allowances, the partnership with the digital exchange platform will allow employees to receive their salary quickly and without additional taxation.

“We knew that some people in the company were using individually to receive monthly payments and liked the services offered by them. After internal conversations and talking with Husky, we realized that we could offer better receiving conditions for everyone who is in Brazil”, explains Gonçalo Costa, CEO at Odds Scanner. “We chose Husky for the platform’s simplicity, agility, and low fees. No other competitor on the market offers anything similar to the advantages that they do”.

Launched in 2016, was created with the goal of facilitating international payments for workers based in Brazil, and now has more than 80 global partners using its services, most of them from Europe and North America. So far, has handled more than R$ 1,8 billion in payments and it hopes to end this year with R$ 3 billion in payments.

In the future, the company aims to develop new features for the platform and conquer new partnerships, which will help them further expand their user base beyond technology professionals.

Careers at Odds Scanner

With a repertoire of top-class brands in several countries under its umbrella, Odds Scanner is a fast-paced company working in one of the most competitive markets online.

Currently expanding to multiple markets outside of Brazil, Odds Scanner is always on the lookout for team members with experience working in different languages and who understand the local sports and betting market.

If you are looking for an opportunity to grow in a fast-paced environment where you will be involved in a lot of different projects and campaigns, check the latest openings here.